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Hello World!

I use to blog. Not so much anymore.

I should delete and restart clean.

22. June 2016 by henry
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Drawing: Senjougahara Hitagi

Shamelessly plugging my drawing.



Gotta practice more.

19. October 2011 by henry
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I’m graduating…


The marks are in and the requirements have been met. I’m graduating university with a Bachelor of Science in chemistry. I’ve given it a lot of thought but I do not have plans to continue my studies in graduate school nor do I plan to apply for a professional program. It was a definitely a tough road and I walk away with a degree and many valuable skills acquired over the years. I still have a long road to walk and I still have a lot to learn.

Just walking to one of our labs...

This is my story and this is the road I walked.

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15. May 2011 by henry
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Quick Review Winter/Spring 2011

I didn’t watch a lot of anime in winter 2011 since the majority of it sucked. I have written a quick review of the random stuff I did watch with a strong take home message.


Be warned… This article is poorly written and may cause cancer in the eyes.

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13. May 2011 by henry
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xdbit 2010 List of Stuff

This has been quite a term… these last few months has been stagnant. I haven’t been watching anime actively and this blog is suppose to be anime related.. since I put my site around some RSS aggregates. Just these last couple of days I am catching up and doing anime marathons on everything I missed during the autumn and summer anime season. This post will be just about the stuff I did. It is kinda funny. I would much rather stuff about my life to the internet where everyone can read it than on Facebook where only people I know read it.

Anyways, here is my list of anime I watched, games I played, guitar songs I mainly practiced, and stuff I did in 2010.


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01. January 2011 by henry
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