And the hugely anticipated anime by VisualArt’s/Key is out. The company alone is enough to make you want to watch it. Well known for their previous titles. Usually with a strong story behind them, cast of cute and sometimes sexy girls but (sadly) generic female roles, and their clean animation style. I never played this game before.. mainly because it is quite difficult to obtain. That and I cannot read Japanese. But after watching the first episode. I’m already in love with this show.

Did I mention about their cast of females? Disgustingly cute.

This anime’s theme or focus on family. Which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise due to the origin of the word. I suppose one can learn from this and value family a bit more. I’ve never played the game so I don’t know what to expect from this. Although I do predict some sort of tragedy to happen. Something bad always happens.

I am not surprised at the opening song. I am not entirely sure who it is by though. Not that I’m saying it is a bad thing. I really like it. But I still like the Kanon’s opening though.

The protagonist, Okazaki Tomoya, is a delinquent who’s life is a downwards spiral. With his mother passing away at a young age and a distant father. Things couldn’t have looked any worst after his shoulder getting broken by his abusive father…

I don’t feel like going much deeper as to how I feel about this series. I expected a lot by history alone. I don’t think I need to recommend this to anyone because possibly every anime nerd in this world will watch it.. and then cry when it comes to an ends. I’m beginning to get bothered by it. I already notice the slight similarities to Kanon and AIR here. I just love how some of these characters act.

Maybe I should try and play the game. If VA/Key continue to make anime out of their games. Planetarian should be the next on their list. Although it would turn out to be more of a short OVA thing considering the length of the novel.

I want more!


05. October 2007 by henry
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