Fall 2007 Anime Watch List

This season seems to be quite a busy one with many notable titles and by well known companies and directors. I feel that I should share this unnecessary list of my current watch list this season, last, and things I just picked up randomly. Perhaps, even make a ‘I need to download x series’ list. Just depends on how I feel after I make my list.

There were several other first episodes I wanted to comment on but being the lazy and busy person that I am. I will combine them all into a single post. I hope that with this, I don’t run out of material for a while. I am also going to post the raw pictures. Taking the screen caps was troublesome enough.

Here we go. I will start with old anime that has not quite finished yet. I will exclude certain animes that has gone over the 100 episode mark and D Gray.

The old stuff

• Baccano

An unique anime that takes place around and events leading up to a massive train homicide. Focusing on several characters and their part in this event.

• Sky Girl

Flat chested females flying robots or something.

The new stuff

• Bamboo Blade

It’s about an out of luck teacher who takes a bet with one of his friends to see whom has a better kendo team.

• Blue Drop

I have no idea what is going on. Seems like a supernatural anime hiding behind a ‘school life’ like anime. Not entirely sure if I want to continue watching this. I will give it a few more and I will make up my mind.

• Clannad

It’s Key. AIR TV, Kanon. What’s more to say? Previous post on it here.

• Da Capo II

I am neutral towards this. Again.. it’s something to watch. Here is the previous post I made about it.

• Genshiken Season 2

Mostly about otakus. I haven’t watched the first season but I think I will pick it up during the winter break. I wanted to see what this is like and I wonder to myself why I stopped.

• Goshuusho-sama Ninomiyakun

Succubus. A character that looks like Len from Tsukihime. This offers a bit of comic relief and a lot of fanservice. I like fanservice. We all do.

• Gundam 00

I haven’t watched the first episode yet but I will certainly finish this series.

• Kimikiss Pure Rouge

One of those animes that will bother me A LOT. It has the whole KGNE feeling to it and leaves me wanting more at the end of each episode.

• Myself; Yourself

I written a post about it and said what I thought about it. Here it is.

• Rental Magica

A guy with a super eye or something like that. Spots weaknesses? Reminds me of Shiki Tohno from Tsukihime.

• Shakugan no Shana Second

This post.

And finally…. the finale.

• ef – a tale of memories

I listed this last and put up several more screen caps mostly because of the feeling it gave off. If you read early on when I made a post about 5cm per second. I mentioned that the ending left and empty feeling in me for a few days. Some say that the director, Makoto Shinkai, has some part in it. When I was listening to the pianos playing during the black and white intro. I immediately thought of 5cm. This also seems to be a heavy favourite among those that enjoy the ‘slice of life’ animes. I certainly will enjoy watching this as much as I did the 5cm movie. I am lazy to do a summary myself so I will go ahead and link outwards to someone’s review on the episode. Subculture Anime Blog. Thanks!

Now looking at this list once again. The huge popular ones here that would very likely get about 2000 peers during release date would include: Clannad, Shana 2, ef – a tales of memories, Genshiken 2, and Gundam 00. I may have forgotten some on this list but it is already too late. The list is made, the screen caps are up, and the post is at this point. I’ve already gone too far. It’s already too late for me posting on other series I may or may not pick up.
Taking screen caps from avi files are a huge pain. I think I should switch to mkv. It’s too bad my graphics card blew up so I’m stuck using integrated right now. Everything feels so slow. I need a new computer.
This will probably be my last post in a while. With important deadlines coming up in the next two weeks. I shall focus on other priorities right now.

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  1. Man the only thing I’m watching right now is Clannad. But when winter break rolls around I’m definitely marathoning all these.
    5cm per Second left me feeling melancholy too. But I’m definitely going to expose all my friends to Makoto Shinkai.
    It’s funny how you enjoy the ‘slice of life’ stuff and cannot get into Honey & Clover.

  2. Okay, fine. I will give it another shot in the winter.
    Adding more to my ‘have to watch list’. Damn woman.

  3. I’ll definitely have to check out some of those. Especially ef – a tale of memories, I really seem to enjoy the “slice of life” animes. :P

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