Persona Anime?


An anime adaptation of the running series of Persona game as been announced. Persona -trinity soul- is the name given to this anime. We’ve seen many video game to anime transitions and some were actually decent. Gungrave for example. I don’t think may people liked it since it was rather slow but I thought it was interesting. I loved the video game and so this should come as good news. The art style should be the same.


The anime is set a decade after the [Persona 3] game, and will center around three brothers in a future city where the dead have risen with their skins turned inside out.


Although it says that it takes place in a different city. I’d expect that characters from the game would play a role or at least make cheap cameo appearances. An older Ken? Sexy Mitsuru? We’ll see when it comes. Not much I can say about this since there is very little info about this so far. But I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for new information that is released.

I wonder if rate of suicides will increase after the kids start watching this and start shotting themselves in the head hoping to make their persona appear? … I doubt it but I think it’s funny to think about it.. until someone actually does it. Natural selection at work right there.

Anyways, it is scheduled to be aired in January. I have to check it out.. otherwise I wouldn’t be much of a Persona fan.

I will try to get back into posting more stuff after my midterm coming up next week.

Update: The main site is up!

08. November 2007 by henry
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