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I recently applied for closed beta for an MMORPG called Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO) and it is currently day 2 of the beta testing. I will give some quick thoughts on it.


The main reason that made my eyes open would because of the graphics of the game. It is very simple. Anime-like cell shaded characters. I love it. It reminds me of Persona 3’s graphics and animation of Final Fantasy Unlimited.


Cute isn’t it?

This game has an ancient Chinese mythology theme to it. From the old school buildings, the clothing on the characters, candle lanterns, Rui Shi statues, and several other Chinese things. The vegetation resembles whose from old water paints hung up in oriental groceries sold overprice. The music has the traditional Chinese feel to it. Although it is upbeat, it is still very annoying. The timing loop for the background music isn’t quite right yet so it is best to just leave it off and turn on some Dragon Force.

There are currently 4 races to choose from. Humans, Shura, Slyphs, and Sprites. Humans is pretty self explanatory. Shura are the demon like race. Slyphs can be considered the floating magical deities of the game. Sprites are like little gnomes or something like that. I made a Shura. Ain’t she sexy?


There are a number of different classes to play. The website only listed a few of the possible available ones. But there are others such as bards, dancers, wizards , and fencers. I made a doctor. Since some of the people I play with are damage classes.. I might as well make a support character. I’ve always liked playing priests in RO.. I just didn’t like soloing.

The game play is a bit buggy with some invisible grounds popping up in front of your character every now and then. The movement is rather limited where you can only use the WASD movement scheme of things or either use point and click. I personally would rather have both for better versatility. The interface is a bit clotted with a bunch of useless stuff. I haven’t gotten the feel of customizing anything yet. There isn’t much love for people that play their games on laptops. I would like it if the resolutions can be made full screen to laptops without making the characters look like they’ve gained several waist sizes.


I am quite interested as to how the party system will work out. I’ve been longing for a game that requires team work. High end PvE should be interesting but I believe it is safe to say that no one is near that point yet. I wish my friends from Lose would come and play with me. It is difficult to gain so much trust with people online. I miss them. Abyss Lake was fun.

I’ve never been to much of a fan of raw PvP. So I don’t care much for PvP rooms. The one thing I loved about Ragnarok Online was their War of Emperium system (WoE). It can easily be explained as castle sieging. Break the Emperium (A big yellow crystal) at the heart of the castle to take it over for your guild. Although there are flaws to the system. I loved playing it during the peak of EtherealRO and CelestiaRO1, two private RO servers that my guild has played on. I hope that DOMO will have a system like implemented sometime in the future. It would possibly follow the Lineage 2 siege system.

I think I’ll play this game for a while and see what it has to offer. It would be something to do.. not that I have anything better to do. It would also give me more material for future posts.

I can’t wait to start flying around.

15. November 2007 by henry
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  1. DragonForce ftw ^^

    The game look pretty interesting to me as well, I’ll probably check it out after I’m done beating Super Mario galaxy. :P

  2. where did you find this game? i like games this style!

  3. The website is Domo or dreamofmirror.com its free to play and download.

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