Persona 4 Progress v2

School has just about to began again and I most likely will not be touching the game much until Reading Week next month. Kind of disappointing since something huge just happened.

Anyways, here’s an update for those who care.

Game mode: Expert
Time spent: 83 hours 17 minutes.

Boring blog post ahead. Possible spoilers.

Day: 11/08
Level: 69
Status: Courage 5/Knowledge 5/Expression 5/Understanding 4/Diligence 4

Arcana Social Links

Fool (Investagation Team): 9
Magician (Yosuke): MAXED
Priestess (Yukiko): MAXED
Empress (Margaret): 9
Emperor (Kanji): 7
Hierophant (Dojima): MAXED
Lovers (Rise): MAXED
Chariot (Chie): MAXED
Justice (Nanako): MAXED
Hermit (Fox): 7
Strength (Fellow Athletes): MAXED
Hanged (Saki’s Brother): 1
Death (Old Lady): 1
Temperence (Young Mother): 2
Devil (Nurse): 5
Star (Teddie): 8
Moon (Ai): 7
Sun (Ayane/Music club): MAXED

Opened a few ones quite late and maxed out a bunch more. Still need to unlock Fortune arcana… I know where it is so it’s not something to worry about. Judgment arcana should be something epic.. not too worried about that one either. I have no idea where Tower is though… although I can guess that it is the depressing looking guy or the tutoring job. Empress’ final link is a level 67ish requirement but I have a load of high level personas I don’t want to fuse just yet.

Some pretty interesting events happened since the first update. Cooking contest, King’s game, and culture festival just to name a few.

I’m already looking forward to another play through of this game and possibly a CLEAN play through of Persona 3 again… I am a perfectionist so I won’t be satisfied until I get it all the links full in a single play through. The story behind each link isn’t boring either. All of them have a deep meaning and teaches a moral lesson one way or another. It’s a good thing I mine data for future reference. It would make play through a lot smoother. Thinking that far ahead isn’t that good since I still have to finish Mana Khemia, God of War 1/2, Eternal Sonata, Dragon Quest 8. Not to mention that Ar Tonelico 2 is coming out at the end of the month and XEdge is going to get localized and set to be released in a few months from now as well. Winter break is not long enough. JRPG drain so much time.

I would eventually like to do my own full review on this game since I like it so much but it would be biased. A score rating would be pointless in this case. One of the things I would need would be a TV capture card to actually take pictures from the game and possible from many other games I play in the future. However, those are quite expensive and it would have to wait.

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  1. I finished my first walkthrough last week… and working on the 2nd. I enjoy this game a lot. Seriously, I am thinking play P3 one more time too. In fact, I have not finished P3 fes.

    P4 reduces the play time a lot especially the traveling between places. I ended my first walkthrough in 83 hours. In P3, it took me more than 100 hours.

    The characters in P4 are very interesting, but my favorite is still Aegis; she is so unique from the rest.

  2. Haha.. Great minds think alike.

    I am very thorough on my play through. I examine every single bit. I’m not sure how the damage is like in normal mode but I dislike getting 1shotted by those dices. I end up power leveling my party to the point where the boss is cakewalk.

    My persona compendium is about 78% complete and I keep buying more and more to fuse stronger ones. Most off my personas have Growth 3.. haha. In turn.. I end up with very little money which leads to more farming and more leveling.

    Likewise, I also went 100+ hours in P3 and another 30-40 hours on The Answer scenario. I would say my favourite character personality wise would be Fuuka however her character art is ugly.

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