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So it has been two months since I made my last post and I felt that since I got a bit of time, I will throw out some random updates. I WILL NOT LET THIS BLOG DIE. IT WILL JUST SNAIL LIKE OLD MAN. I should probably update and clean up some of the stuff on the side though. Oh well… on my to-do list.

Azunyan looking dazed.


Saitokai Yakuindomo is probably the one that shined the most since I found it hilarious. It appeals to my crude sense of humour and I’m quite happy that it suggests a season 2 at the end. I’ve been a fan of slice of life animes but this one has a unique twist which made it enjoyable for me. Granted that a lot of the jokes were sex related (incoming spambots, do your work Akismet).

K-ON!! was a given, high school girls playing music. I was more into the music aspect of the anime but I suppose the random shenanigans was good as well.  I can’t watch an anime that takes itself way too seriously.

High School of the Dead is mediocre, in my opinion. I don’t necessarily hate it as I am still trying to grind away at each episode. It doesn’t seem like a chore but I’ve been a bit occupied doing other stuff. Fanservice galore.

Seikirei ~Pure Engagement~ also fanservice galore but something about it just makes me keep watching. Perhaps it is an obligation after watching the first season and wanting to see what happens. I don’t know, I can’t explain it.

Asobi ni Iku Yo! and Ookami-san are the ones that are currently lagging. I’m not going to drop it since I’ve already watched about 6 or 7 episodes.

I have no idea what’s up next season so I’m not sure what will happen.

I also finished watching Saki some time in August and it was great. One of those times were I was deeply interested in Mahjong. I still actually want to learn it though. Saki is so cute.


Can’t forget about this! I got the new BlazBlue a few weeks after it releases and playing mu-12. Waiting for Trinity to come out as a DLC so I can switch mains. Woo. The current state of the game isn’t really retarded but I don’t agree that Bang is suppose to be S tier… not with those reasons. I won’t get into why but he has some retarded and safe moves…. why?

I also played a bit of Recettear. The game is rather addictive and I clocked 30 hours in the first week. The game is a bit repetitive but I haven’t had the chance to throw myself in the survival mode yet.. Just trying to collect all the stuff because I’m a perfectionist like that. There was a neat little thing on why you should buy the game on 4chan. It is actually kind of funny. Check it out here. I should have saved some pictures from 4chan since this would be an excellent spot to throw in a picture from this game.

I also downloaded a bunch of L4D2 campaigns because the regular ones with the game are just not that fun to play anymore. I played the City17 one with a few friends on Expert and was some good times. 2 restarts and cleared it in 1 hour and 20 minutes.. which is normal for us with the regular campaigns. It comes down to good teamwork with my good friend Mikey, whom is a solid gamer overall. I can count on him to play like a team. The other two weren’t very good as one is rather new to the game and the other lacks the FPS teamwork essentials. Also fun times accidentally team killing each other.

Most memorable team killing moment was in L4D1.

We’ve just cleared the crescendo in the construction yard in the Dead Air campaign. We walk down an alley and just picked up some ammo from the cache. No zombies around.

Friend gets incapacitated.

Me: Woops.
Him: …. good one.
Me: My finger slipped.
Him: Idiot.

I tried a bit of Minecraft to see what the jazz is all about yesterday. I was in creative mode and learning a bit of the controls. I can’t say I had any fun but I got a feel for why it is so creative. There wasn’t anything I wanted to  build at the time so I didn’t get that much out of it. I will give it a second go in a few hours from now when a friend gets online so I can try to mess around and build something stupid. Adventure mode seems kind of fun though. I watched a video of some guy exploring a cave and it looked kind of fun. He jumped into a hole where water was draining into and fell quite a bit. Eventually got shot as by many skeletons. The only way he got out of that cave was to swim back out from where he came.


I did quite a lot of neat stuff this summer. I got to do some archery for the first time since high school. I’ve always considered myself quite decent but had to dust off those cobwebs. It was fun then and still very fun now. I learn a couple of things about composite verses recurved bows. I think when we’re in a group with friends, using a recurved bow is a lot more fun since it is like an epic penis measuring contest.

Battle scars from my first time going back. The arm guard didn't cover it fully so I was pretty much owning myself.

Did a bit of fishing which was also pretty fun. Nice bonfires for some quality bromance. Many BBQs. Random days where we were just simply nerd it out and just play video games in a basement for several hours. So many other things I would have liked to do but alas, school begins.

I’ve been trying to get my life straight this last month. I’ve been running around campus to make sure I meet graduation requirements and I am set to graduate May 2011. I’m so excited but, at the same time, feeling a bit of anxiety. Not sure where my life will go from there but it would be nice to start making some money to buy some toys and all that other good stuff.

I was also taken up the responsibility to make sure the student group that I am “president” of continues to go on this year. I’m more like the student relations guy from the parent group of gamers called Chip Damage. I don’t do much other than fill papers in with the university so we can get extra publicity and all those other small perks that are given out to student groups.

My course load is rather light this term but my Wednesday are quite hefty since I got 2 3-hour courses back to back. It’s more of an endurence thing since I’m sitting on my ass for 6 hours, get home at around 9. Eat dinner, do my stuff, then wake up for a 8:30 class the next morning. I won’t complain about it too much but I just felt like saying something.


I’m not sure what intend to write about the next few months or what I plan to do. I want to hit up the Comic Con at the end of the month to take pictures of more cosplay stuff but I’m broke. Not sure if I will hit BaseLAN either. Both are rather bad times for me since it is near when my research paper is due, assignments, and tests.

I would need to think very hard about where I want to work after I graduate. I already have a goal where I want to but until then, I would need something until I am more qualified for the position. Do I want to stay in the city or should I move out west? east? I need to start working on a new resume.

I think I’ve gone on long enough. I might play take a nap now and then play a few hours of Minecraft. I got a cool idea that might have been made a million times over but I still want to make it. Then I can post it on Twitter and be famous for 5 minutes until it gets knocked off everyone’s timeline.

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