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xdbit 2010 List of Stuff

This has been quite a term… these last few months has been stagnant. I haven’t been watching anime actively and this blog is suppose to be anime related.. since I put my site around some RSS aggregates. Just these last couple of days I am catching up and doing anime marathons on everything I missed during the autumn and summer anime season. This post will be just about the stuff I did. It is kinda funny. I would much rather stuff about my life to the internet where everyone can read it than on Facebook where only people I know read it.

Anyways, here is my list of anime I watched, games I played, guitar songs I mainly practiced, and stuff I did in 2010.



This list is the stuff I actually finished this year. I will not include the ones I dropped half way through. It probably sucked or I just didn’t feel like watching. (I heard a lot of people got trolled at the Panty & Stocking ending of season 1. I will watch it eventually but loool…)

  • Ladies Vs Butler – I will be honest.. it was the tsundere Ojou-sama with that “tohohohoho~” laugh that made me keep watching. I don’t have any other reason.
  • Omamori Himari – This one was suggested by a friend. I just kept watching.. I couldn’t stop.
  • Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu– No comment.
  • Dance of the Vampire Bund – meh.. wasn’t great.. wasn’t bad either.
  • Durarara!! – With a lot to live up to (Baccano! being friggin’ awesome), this has got me immediately interested.
  • Ookamikakushi – shit was slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  • B Geta H Kei – I am fucking retarded.
  • Angel Beats! – Key made this. I had to. I think this was the reason that many anime watchers also watched this. Don’t you try to deny it.
  • Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou – I don’t think this was well received among many anime watchers because it was full of fan service or something. I thought it was kinda funny. Also, tits.
  • Mayoi Neko Overrun! – I watched this for the fan service.
  • K-ON!! – The main motivation I had to watch this was because of the fact that they played music. Even though out of the 24 or so episodes, they only performed like 3 times. Half the time it was filled with moe rabbling and all that other crap. I don’t know. It was okay.
  • Kiss x Sis – Twinest sorta.. I read the manga first and I liked it.
  • Ookamisan to Shichinin no Nakamatachi – meh
  • Amagami SS – When I watched the first episode, I knew it was going to be filled with high school angst. I decided to wait until it finishes before I began to watch it. I kept getting message and texts from my anime nakuma telling me how good it was.


  • Sekirei: Pure Engagement – This had a fucking stupid name. I watched the first season. I felt like I needed to watch the second. I’ve read the manga and it diverged, I am aware.
  • Seitokai Yukuindomo – I was quite surprised at how this anime turned out. I didn’t follow the manga so I didn’t know what to expect. After watching the first episode, I found myself taken back at how hilarious it was.
  • High School of the Dead – I guess it was okay. Harem with zombie killing. Tits.
  • Asobi ni Iku Yo – I don’t know. I thought cat girls was a reason to watch it I guess.
  • Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls – Friend telling me how he gets wet watching this or something.
  • Yosuga No Sora – At first, I didn’t expect it to be softcore hentai but damnnnnnn… was it hottttt. I like the idea where it is split into several smaller plots for each girl. This is definitely a marketing ploy.. I wonder how many nerds went out to buy the game because I sure as hell would have. Nao is so sexy, Akira’s scene was hot, Kazuha’s scene is pretty good, and twincest. Yeah… I actually kind of liked this one.

Sora was incredibly tsundere... until it was up to her arc. Then she just simply became deredere.

  • Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai – This is probably one the highest profile anime during the fall 2010 season. I decided to wait until the series finished up before I went on a  marathon to finish this. After I read reactions on Twitter at how much OreImo pissed off a lot of people and some I know in real life. I don’t see the big deal with the ending and all that… it’s a Disney ending. People take anime way too seriously these days. Also, there are a lot of hot incest doujins from this franchise.. I expect several more.
  • MM! – I am fucking retarded. This was ass.
  • Fortune Arterial – I am a sucker for this kind of stuff. Ending was terrible.
  • Megane na Kanojo – uhh
  • Squid Girl – This is an anime equivalent of Invader Zim… that being said. I think it is kinda funny.


Favourite Anime of the Year

Seitokai Yukuindomo


I don’t have a good reason to say this is my favourite anime of the year other than the fact that there wasn’t any other anime I enjoyed as much as this one. I realize that anime has been kind of trash these last few years with a few gemstones hidden in the crap. This choice was pretty clear for me almost immediately for me. Again, I know that a lot of people don’t like it for the same reason I like it. Guess what? People like different things.

Almost everyone in this anime is a huge pervert. A lot of the dialog in this anime were things that I may not have ever say in public, ever… and I say a lot of stupid shit in public. This pseudo harem series is was quite enjoyable. Even though there is no clear cut path taken. It did hint towards some love interest between Tsuda and Shino. There were many occasions where I just simply laughed out loud.

A++ will definitely watch again (within the next 4 months). I am definitely looking forward to reading more of the manga and waiting for the announcement of the next season. I don’t know if it has been announced yet but was suggested at the end of the anime. I am not sure if that is considered official.

Honourable mention

Amagami SS

I think the general anime community agree that Amagami SS is good.

So moe~~ I'm gonna dieeeeeeee

Dude’s harem is good. Sae is so unbelievably cute. As noted with the screen cap above… I literally had to pause the video get up and walk around since I kind of felt a nose bleed coming. Ai is sexy with that swimsuit. Rihoko and Kaoru are up there for me since I have a soft spot for childhood friend archetypes (I actually had 2 female childhood friends whom are quite attractive… missed flags… fuck my life). Too bad Rihoko’s arc is total ass… oh my god.. I can’t believe how angry it made me. Haruka with that attractive personality. Tsukasa with her evil side was such a strange turn on… also her adult form… mmmm… Side character females like Miya and the teacher.. wowowow. Imouto isn’t a total bitch so that’s plus points. The teacher is fine. I got me a fetish for short hair girls and girls with twin tails. The final episode was a nice way to close the series in my opinion. Even with 25 episodes, there was just not enough time to go into each arc in a bit more detail. There is still a lot of things left out that could have been used for plot devices.


This is stuff I played this year. I know I am definitely going to miss some. I may include stuff from last year but whatever.

  • Grand Theft Auto: Lost and the Damned/Ballad of Gay Tony – Both GTA DLCs, they weren’t anything special other than the fact that you see cameo apparences from Niko. Just another 8 hours of game play… as expected from a DLC.
  • Red Dead Redemption – At first, the idea of having a sandbox game set in a wild west city was stupid. When I started to play the game, I realized that I was wrong on so many levels. This was surprisingly good.
  • Final Fantasy 13 – I have a problem when people say that 13 is the worst Final Fantasy game in the series. I definitely do not agree with their opinion and they are stupid fucks. Final Fantasy 10 was the worst game in the series. Also, don’t get me started at how FF14 is total trash.
  • Rune Factory Frontier – This was the first RF game I’ve ever played. I spent many hours playing this game when I should have been studying for my midterms. The only problem I had with this game is that the pacing was extremely slow. You have a huge harem though.. which is nice I guess. I just didn’t like how you have to do runey distributions. That was such a huge pain.

I saw this image before playing the game and I was determined to get Bianca to say this very line.

  • Rune Factory 3 – I cannot express how much I enjoyed this game. The flow of the game is fast, you do everything so fast.. I feel that the RF series has spoiled me and I can no longer play Harvest Moon games anymore. RAINBOW!!~~
  • Super Street Fighter 4 – In general, the game is better than vanilla. Although many things about the game pissed me off which is why I just could not continue playing it for more than a month. I don’t necessarily thing this is a bad game.. but I don’t think this is a good game either.
  • BlazBlue: Continuum Shift – A bit more balanced than in CT… not. Bang is retardedly good. Rachel and Noel are both unplayable. CS2 is out in arcades and I am looking forward to the patch to hit consoles. Generally better accepted in the BB community but then again… they will probably say the game is ass in a few months anyways.. They don’t know what they want.
  • God of War 1-2 – Mash buttons, kill shit. Tits. Good games if you don’t really want to think.
  • Demon’s Soul – This game is hard. It is no mystery. This game is good. That is also no mystery. This game will piss you off. It indeed, did.
  • League of Legends – I played this and I didn’t like it that much. I only played because I told a friend I would give it a shot since he had problems getting a good team together. I don’t mean to brag but he mentioned how I was a solid player in DOMO for parties, despite being 10 levels lower than everyone else at the time. I thought I would be that person to help him out but I couldn’t get into the game.
  • Starcraft 2 – I am not very good at this game. I, however, enjoy watching high level game play… I have a massive appreciation for those that play this competitively and bringing some cool matches. I hope it can reach the excitement level that SC1 provided over all these years. One of the reasons why I am not very good at fighters is because I have the RTS mindset where I am all about APM.
  • Ragnarok Online – Peer pressure. Friends wanted me to play this game so badly. “I’m only going to play this game if Henry plays.” I hate you guys so much. One of the vivid occurence I had in this time I played was that I scheduled a guild party to do an instance then sleeping… then getting several phone calls and text messages from my guild members.. when I finally got back to the computer. I just simply couldn’t stop laughing.
  • Recettear – Recette is really cute but kinda stupid… but cute. I felt this game was worth whatever amount I bought it for. 30 hours clocked. I posted it before and I’ll post it again. Why you should play this game.
  • Minecraft – I spent 3 days playing this.

Favourite Game of the Year

Red Dead Redemption

All around badass

Another no brainer for me. This game is so good. A deep and solid single player story line, a likable protagonist, a wild cast of hilarious (or hateful) supporting characters, a wild and vest empty sandbox. Like GTA games, you can do whatever you want.  The addition of some unique in-game challenges add some fun things to do when you don’t want to progress with the story. I remember doing some hunting challenges where I was in the forest searching for bears to fight… then chasing one down for a few minutes with a knife in a hilarious reversal of fortune.

The multiplayer was not bad either. Free roam throws you into another sandbox of players for them to do whatever they want. You have another set of online challenges you can do, gang hideouts, or just simply killing other people. I like how there is also some real cooperative play included in one of the first DLC. Then there’s the gambling ones which some people may enjoy. Objective PvP. Finally, the recently included zombie mode with a spin off single player campaign which is another 6 or so hours of game play.

This is a great game and would probably the first game I would recommend to friends.

Honourable Mention

Rune Factory 3

Hopeless romantic

I loved the Harvest Moon series. That charm of just managing your own farm is strangely addictive and fun. Add that with fighting and taming monsters and collect their produce or to just get them to fight with you. It’s quite great. The one main problem with this game is that I felt it was too short. There should have been more to do. I guess it is what was expected from a handheld. The characters are quite unique. It is a shame that the unmarriageable females in this game were the best (lol MILF). I had a lot of fun with RF3.

Music (Guitar)

Practicing guitar is good. I love the feeling when a song I practice begins to come together and beginning to sound like it was meant to. This first list is the songs I am currently learning or already know. A lot of covers are from the same person though. There’s a dedicated group that make tabs or his covers which is a great convenience.

  • One More Time, One More Chance (Byousoku 5 Centimeter) (lonlonjp cover) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57NnFOSv8Vc) – One more the more difficult projects I decided to attempt this year. I will get this shit locked down.
  • Frontier Village Dali (Final Fantasy 9) (lonlonjp cover) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPeeZBhrbBk) – I personally believe this is my favourite village theme music. It is also an easy song to learn and incredibly fun to play
  • Ocean (John Butler) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VAkOhXIsI0) – Possibly one of the hardest songs I’ve ever attempted and I am still trying to get there. I am playing on a 6 string which affects the sound and feel. I am getting there. I’ve also grown my nails just to be able.
  • Always with me (Spirited Away) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9Zg_ca6Rig) – I am unsure who wrote the tabs for this one but this is the version I am learning. I will probably goto the lonlonjp version when I can find the tabs since his seems a bit easier. I feel that I should be able to master this already but I am too lazy to put in a solid week to prefect it. Stay stupid me.
  • Simple and Clean (Kingdom Hearts) (lonlonjp cover) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnDqQm8pWkQ) – The intro measure of the song is pretty much the reason why I felt I had to learn it.
  • Aerith’s Theme (Final Fantasy 7) (lonlonjp cover) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_bEkFR5jwE) – When I first heard this song for the first time when playing FF7, I absolutely loved it. When I recently rediscovered it. I had to play it.
  • Far Off Promise (Chrono Trigger) (takaf221 cover) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCla6J4o0W8) –
  • Cirno’s Math Class (Touhou) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1soDQVSbf1E) – I honestly do not know who made this cover.. it could be the uploader but I am not entirely sure.
  • Canon (Kotaro Oshio) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSDr1eBd36g) – For a slow song… it is actually very very difficult. Also, I am extremely lazy to retune my guitar to Double D drop.
  • Last Christmas (Kotaro Oshio) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asNJyfDKVlM) – I remember myself trying to learn this song well after the new years last year. This song has totally dropped off the map for me. I think I need another guitar to have several different tuned guitars since I have bad luck with string snapping on me.
  • Brave Song (Angel Beats! ED) (dolce1211 cover) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0N2Ela069-M) – It is hard to not love a song like this. This one is also quite a challenge I had and I gave up on it pretty fast…

This second list is just songs I feel are awesome and need to share. Inspiration to get this good but I don’t know. I don’t have the tabs for these songs to even attempt to learn.

Filler music image... also Miku is cute


uhh.. yeah.. I think I only watched two movies this year. Scott Pilgram vs The World and Inception. If I was to choose, I would say I enjoyed the Scott Pilgram movie since the target audience was probably geared to gamers in their 20s.

Shit I did this year

This year has been rather eventful. I thought that there are many more things that I could have done but lack of money and transportation is a big deal… but not for long. I am looking to finally graduate this May. Work on my resume and send out applications in a few days.

I did blog about some of the things I did.. but more about random tidbits of stuff on my Twitter account. I hardly use my Facebook since I would rather see updates from strangers than people I know. I don’t talk to about 90% of the people on my friends list.

So, like last year.. a list of stuff I did or remember. I will just list them as they pop into my head.

  • Going to AiKon2010. First anime convention in several years. You can read about it here.
  • Went to an archery range. First time doing archery since high school.

Was so happy to just get it into the yellow

  • Went to a golf driving range. Golf is a lot harder than I initially thought it was.
  • Spent a single day playing tennis. I needed a good racket and those are expensive. Get some friends to go with as well.
  • BaseLAN19 was fun for me. Didn’t get a chance to goto BaseLAN20 since I had no money and I heard it was quite a good one.
  • I became closer with several friends and realize who was worth continuing to talk to. New bros are added to my list.
  • I am still very lazy when it comes to practicing fighting games.
  • I am always leveling up my guitar. More new songs to play and practice. It is never a grind for me.
  • My blog posts are not regular enough. I don’t know what to post on anymore.
  • My number #1 goto guy for cooperative games is Mikey. I can count on him to be an overall solid player and teammate.
  • More steam games I hardly play.
  • Finding a Toradora! figurine of Taiga, last episode. $120 regular price and -40% this Boxing Day sale. Probably will have the same promotion next year before buying it.
  • Running around and doing administration work for graduation requirements.
  • Drawing  a lot of random pictures.
  • Still needing a tablet to do a web comic that I most likely will quit in a week.
  • Watching a lot more anime than I thought.
  • Playing a lot less video games than I thought.
  • Writing a lot more than I thought.
  • Cleaning my room and finding my high school mortarboard, $120, old video game magazines, and a shoe box full of old mementos.
  • Buy an external hard drive to finally store all my music, anime, movies, and games.

So.. yea.. I guess that’s my update for this year. I will see what to do about this blog. I hope I have some neat new adventures and to get some more motivation to make more frequent entries. I am not too hardcore into anime and video games anymore so I don’t know what to do with it yet. Random reviews, life events, shameless self promotion, and all that other neat jazz. I can’t leave this blog alone to die. I will continue to update and post whenever I can or feel the need to.

Happy New Years and have a safe holiday… or something.

Lazy moe... so useless

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