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Quick Review Winter/Spring 2011

I didn’t watch a lot of anime in winter 2011 since the majority of it sucked. I have written a quick review of the random stuff I did watch with a strong take home message.


Be warned… This article is poorly written and may cause cancer in the eyes.

Infinite Stratos
Harem crap but had best beach episode in any anime since everything sucks.

Best possible angle for sis to show her assets... giggity

Best tits

This is a picture of Mami's tits

The spring showed a bit more promise but I will only name a few since they are the only ones that I really want to mention. I am watching a bit more but I don’t have a witty line to go with it. I suppose I am one of those people who can watch that filth but I don’t think I ever be that type of person to write and complain about it on the internet since it would just be a waste of time. It is even worse when they move that to social sites such as Twitter but I digress.

Best milf

Milf tits

I remember reading a quote on a popular internet board on how some dude pumped iron while watching this show because of Lotte’s delicious body. I also put this into practice… for science, of course.

Lack of tits

Ano Hana
In all seriousness, I think this is possibly one of the best anime I’ve seen in many years. This is probably an unpopular statement but I really enjoy how 4chan goes crazy with the theories after each episode. It is very reminiscent to the Madoka craze. The things that people come up with when they’re bored.

Anaru just chillin'

Thus concludes my review of winter and spring 2011. Tune in next time as I write about my personal life over the last couple of months and what I plan in the future.

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