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Quick Review Winter/Spring 2011

I didn’t watch a lot of anime in winter 2011 since the majority of it sucked. I have written a quick review of the random stuff I did watch with a strong take home message. Be warned… This article is … Continue reading

13. May 2011 by henry
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xdbit 2010 List of Stuff

This has been quite a term… these last few months has been stagnant. I haven’t been watching anime actively and this blog is suppose to be anime related.. since I put my site around some RSS aggregates. Just these last couple of … Continue reading

01. January 2011 by henry
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Ai-Kon 2010

Ok, I originally wrote this post up about a week ago but you know… stuff happens and I get extremely lazy. I felt that it would be a complete waste for me to throw this post away since I did … Continue reading

27. July 2010 by henry
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A second attempt at watching Kimikiss

After watching a bit of Amagami SS. I suddenly remembered watching a similar type of series many seasons back. I initially somewhat enjoyed the series at the beginning but felt melancholic, a sense of anxiety, and a little bit of rage at … Continue reading

04. July 2010 by henry
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Stuff I’m going to watch this summer

Finishing up the spring season and I need stuff to watch. So here is the stuff I’m currently watching or going to watch. I took a few screenshots but decided against doing it for all because I’m just lazy like … Continue reading

03. July 2010 by henry
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