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I’m graduating…

Finally… The marks are in and the requirements have been met. I’m graduating university with a Bachelor of Science in chemistry. I’ve given it a lot of thought but I do not have plans to continue my studies in graduate school … Continue reading

15. May 2011 by henry
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xdbit 2010 List of Stuff

This has been quite a term… these last few months has been stagnant. I haven’t been watching anime actively and this blog is suppose to be anime related.. since I put my site around some RSS aggregates. Just these last couple of … Continue reading

01. January 2011 by henry
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oh wow… I still blog

So it has been two months since I made my last post and I felt that since I got a bit of time, I will throw out some random updates. I WILL NOT LET THIS BLOG DIE. IT WILL JUST … Continue reading

30. September 2010 by henry
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Ai-Kon 2010

Ok, I originally wrote this post up about a week ago but you know… stuff happens and I get extremely lazy. I felt that it would be a complete waste for me to throw this post away since I did … Continue reading

27. July 2010 by henry
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I’m Lazy

Seriously, I got all this free time and I don’t feel like writing any sort of article for this blog.  Last update was about 3 months ago. My Twitter sees more face time. I’ve also drew a bunch of pictures … Continue reading

17. June 2010 by henry
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