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Merry Christmas!

A few days early but whatever… Happy holidays everyone! I hope everyone has a safe holidays. I guess… Here’s a picture of Yui in a Santa costume. Isn’t she cute?! Here’s some Christmas music.

24. December 2009 by henry
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Music for November 9, 2009

I was getting lazy. This week is another Necrofantasia remix but the composer is Demetori. They are known for their heavy metal sound and which can make stuff feel epic sometimes. Not a taste for everyone.

09. November 2009 by henry
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Music for November 02, 2009

I think I will try to follow a Twitter trend and post random music every Monday… I haven’t decided if it will be all Touhou related but I will see how it goes. I wonder how long I will keep … Continue reading

02. November 2009 by henry
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Bad Apple!! PV

This video is like… everywhere… Twitter, YouTube subscriptions, IRC… EVERYWHERE. I thought I’d do another repost because it’s so cool and catchy. A silhouette display and dance of several cast members through the series.

27. October 2009 by henry
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The K-ON! Effect

I recently decided to give this anime another shot for a reason I do not remember. I do remember why I decided to pass on this anime during the spring or whenever it was out. The first two episodes was … Continue reading

17. September 2009 by henry
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