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Quick Review Winter/Spring 2011

I didn’t watch a lot of anime in winter 2011 since the majority of it sucked. I have written a quick review of the random stuff I did watch with a strong take home message. Be warned… This article is … Continue reading

13. May 2011 by henry
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Persona 4 Review

I finally beat the game. Completion Time: 103 hours 46 minutes. Now I can have to look back at the game and compare it to it’s predecessor, Persona 3 FES. Most of the stuff here will sound generally the same … Continue reading

21. January 2009 by henry
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Looking Back at Matantei Loki Ragnarok

Rather than spending my time wisely and study on this fine Saturday. I decide to make yet another blog post. These last few days, I’ve been re watching Matantei Loki Ragnarok. It may not be the most popular or liked … Continue reading

04. October 2008 by henry
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Yume Miru Kusuri

Continuing on from last time, I am now looking at YMK. A game by Ruf. English translation and poorly edited by Peach Princess. I’ll mention again that I picked this up mainly because of a funny screen shot from the … Continue reading

27. July 2008 by henry
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Dividead – Old school eroge

I sort of set this up to lead into this two posts ago. My focus has not only been on SWR but also on some eroges. I would say it has been at least a few years since I decided … Continue reading

17. July 2008 by henry
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