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About over a year ago, we finally see the release of the 3rd and final installment of the Mother series. The last game, which was called Earthbound was released about ten years ago and was for the Super Nintendo console. I cry a little bit when people tell me they’ve never heard of Earthbound or the Mother series before Super Smash Brothers. The sad thing about this game. It may never see localization and possibly be a Japanese only release. Very similar to the Final Fantasy 5 game. This time, it isn’t made by Square and our chances of seeing it is very small.

mother31 mother32

The graphics for the game doesn’t seem to have evolved at all but then again. It is made for the GameBoy Advance. The battle screen looks the same with random colours in a water flow-like background. There still seems to be that element of wit around every corner and behind every wall of the game. You’ll have to play the game to understand what I’m talking about.Currently, the translations for the game seem to have come a long way. They still have a huge chunk of the game to translate though. Although I know nothing of the people working on this project. I am glad to see that there are these dedicated people trying to please the Earthbound community. Good people working on it.Every update on their site gets me so excited. Check out their 1 year later video. It’s very exciting.. in a nerdy way.

MOTHER 3 Fan Translation

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Again, I found another gem off of Kotaku.

Japanese developers Idea Factory and RED bring us Record of Agarest War, the “Soul Breed” strategy RPG. Players capture the hearts of game heroines to “create” a successor. When this happens, there is a “special” movie that’s shown. The new successor is then revealed.

A strategy game for the PS3 that requires.. breeding? Those crazy Japanese.
With an anime like style artwork and a high chance of adult content. This game could have been made for the PS2 looking at the technology they used. I strongly doubt that the game will be localized here though. A real shame too.. it looks like it is going to be so fun to play. It has that Disgaea feel to it but I doubt it will be as comical. I’m looking for more artwork and official screenshots to be posted on the main site. And game play videos from

If Metal Gear Solid 4, Fatal Frame 4 , Disgaea 3, Silent Hill 5 and Grand Theft Auto 4 isn’t enough reasons to dish out a big wad of cash for a PS3. Still need to wait it out. There are no games I really want to play on the PS3 at the moment so I don’t think I feel the need to buy one at this moment. Not that I have that much time to absorb myself into a game for 10 or more hours. Oh woe.. How I wish I did.

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Persona 3

These last few days I’ve been playing this game. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard of the series and I picked it up through suggestion from a friend. The price tag for this game was quite a hefty amount. I’d say it was a good investment overall. You can say I’ve somewhat grinded these last two days playing it about 24 hours of play time. But it doesn’t feel like it what so ever.

The characters in this game are as realistic as they come. You play as a mysterious high school male whose name is whatever you want it to be. The music is unlike any other, it’s uniquely composed and very fitting to the style. The comic book like style of animation and the clean character design is simply amazing. Again, the characters in the game are very real. Such as you met people whom have problems (most of the time at least) and being the new guy that you are, you help them through it. Whether it be comforting a little girl with her parents, helping your classmate get some action, and even flirting with your dorm mates.

I really like how it is open and you’re free to make friends with whomever and however you want. It even has a little dating simulator in it which makes it a little more interesting. During the day, going to school and answering little questions, improving your popularity and knowledge. Studying for tests and joining clubs. And at night, fighting evil. There is just so much to do but very little time to do it.. given only a 1 year calender. Love the beach part. :)

One of those games where exists replay value. I will definitely replay this game when I finish it. Aim for a more perfect save file.


I’m already looking forward to a possible 4th Persona.

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Disgaea 2

A few days ago, I had the sudden motivation to start playing Disgaea 2 again. And yesterday, I finally finished the game. Just like the first, it did not disappoint me. The dialog is comical and the characters were all unique. The ending pretty much cleared up all all mysteries and how everything fit together.

What is nice about this game is that it has replay value. Although fighting through the story just to get to a certain point is pretty gay and I hope they will improve on that in the next game. The main reason why I’m playing it again is because of …

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